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Broadway Market also has a world-wide selection of ice cold beer from Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Australia including a large selection of microbrews!

Discover Your Gateway to Sonoma Valley's Renowned Wine and Spirits

When visiting the Sonoma Valley, many people automatically think of wine. As the gateway to the Sonoma Valley wine country, Broadway Market is ready to help you browse local favorites and classic vintages alike at prices far lower than most wineries. Not into wine? Broadway Market of Sonoma, CA also has a wide range of beer and liquor available, including items from local distilleries.  


You'll choose your favorite wines and spirits from among Broadway Market's incredible selection of alcoholic beverages. And if you're hungry after a day of exploring wineries and vineyards, compliment that glass of wine with outstanding take-out items and delicious deli specials created fresh every day!

Broadway Market's Outstanding Wines and Spirits

  • Merlot - 31 wineries

  • Pinot Noirs - 17 wineries

  • Cabernet Sauvignon - 31 wineries

  • Zinfandels - 30 wineries

  • Syrahs - 23 wineries

  • Red blends - 50 wineries

  • White blends - 22 wineries

  • Sauvignon blends - 27 wineries

  • Sparkling wines - 20 wineries

  • Chardonnays - 42 wineries

  • Ports - 19 wineries

  • Sakes - 2 wineries

  • Vodka - 32 varieties

  • Gin - 12 varieties

  • Tequilas - 31 varieties

  • Scotch - 14 varieties

  • Whiskey - 20 varieties

  • Rum - 16 varieties

Broadway Market features Kopriva Chardonnay and Mulas Family Syrah. Local favorites, these wines are sure to give you a true taste of Sonoma Valley wines without breaking the bank. Plus, many of our vintages are marked with points and some even bear comments from our in-house wine and liquor buyer, Alfred Robles.

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